Dave Fulton, BBC Breakfast TV, and things you should never say

On Wednesday 1 February comedian Dave Fulton (pictured with me below) caused a storm on BBC Breakfast TV. He said a word that begins with W – suffice to say it rhymes with ‘tanker’- a word obviously not on the BBC’s ‘playlist’ and which no doubt caused many ‘suits’ to spit out their cornflakes in indignation.

Dave was our headline act at Basingstoke Comedy Club Laughter-House the next night.

He’s a superb comedian.

But his foray onto Breakfast TV brought to to mind an interview I had with a BBC radio station just after the 2008 Olympics. They asked me my thoughts on the little Chinese girl who sung so beautifully at the Olympic opening, and was then replaced on screen by someone ‘prettier’. In China, when asked how she felt, the little girl replied that it was such an honour to sing for her country that she didn’t mind.

I said that one of my Chinese speaking friends (yes, I’ve hundreds of those) was out there at the time, and the correct translation was more like “Look, I’m 9 years old, I’m a girl, and I live in China. I’m just grateful I’m not in an orphanage.”

I’m still waiting to be asked back.

If you want to see some pictures of our night, have a gander here… http://www.michaelpalmer.com/laughing-at-people-in-basingstoke/

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